I am attempting to get the Resharper test runner to recognize my MSTest unit tests via Gallio.

I have the following installed: VSTS 2005 8.0.50727.762 Resharper 4.1 Gallio

I am also running Windows XP x64.

The unit test options only shows NUnit as being available. I am thinking that I must have some versioning wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction? Am I barking up the wrong tree and this is only works in VS2k8?

UPDATE: Well I updated Gallio to GallioBundle- and it now shows up in the unit test options for R#. But I get the following error when running tests in either R# or Icarus:

Failures Cannot run tests because the MSTest executable was not found


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I'm not sure if this applies to your question, but the latest news on the Gallio site states :

Gallio and ReSharper 4.0
A few people have asked when Gallio will support the final release of ReSharper 4.0. Unfortunately there were some last-minute breaking changes between ReSharper 4.0 Beta and the Final release. So the ReSharper plugin in Gallio Alpha 3 Update 2 will not work anymore. No matter... we plan to release another update of Gallio later this week.

Update: just saw this applied to an earlier version than you were using so disregard that.

David Thibault
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It looks like this is a Gallio problem. It appears to only support the version of MSTest that comes with VS2k8. The XML format for vsmdi has changed between versions.

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ReSharper 4.5 supports MSTest out of the box.

Ilya Ryzhenkov
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There's also a MSTest ReSharper plugin that was recently released:

I've been able to use it successfully with ReSharper 4.1 on Visual Studio 2005.

That plugin now supports ReSharper 4.5:
Ray Vega

You do not need resharper to support standalone mstest installation. I explain how to make a standalone mstest installation without the VS in my post here -