+17  A: 

I use the Spooky one I think it is from Rob Connery, nice and dark.

Themes Gallery post on hanselman

+1  A: 

Background: White

Text: Black

Tags/Functions: Blue

Attributes: Navy

Comments: Dark Green

Strings: Different Shade of Dark Green

Andrew G. Johnson
+1  A: 

Can't go past John Lams Vibrant ink Theme myself - I like the Borland Vibrant theme on the Hanselman link too.

Last place I contracted at were all using the standard Vs theme, and by the time I left they all were using the Vibrant Ink theme or something similar.

+7  A: 
Reminds me of candy.
Right idea, but those teals, greens, and especially that yellow, are too bright for me. It might be good for a laptop, but on a desktop I'd want those toned down a bit.
It makes me want to eat the screen.
+1  A: 

Vibrant Ink is a very nice color scheme. I spend most of my time these days in Notepad++ and the Ruby Blue Port was the only one I can find. It's a good thing I'm quite fond of it. There is a similar Visual Studio Port.

+11  A: 
Nice scheme, would you mind uploading this somewhere?
I added it to the post.
I absolutely LOVE the browny/orangy thing going on here
Charlie Somerville
This is the best color scheme I've ever found. Love it.
+8  A: 

I took mine from Jeff's Blog posting:

Jeff's Blog Posting

Michael Stum
I also use that one, but with a slightly brighter background. I really like the Consolas font.
Rune Grimstad
I also use it, and love it, and also changed the background !!
Jhonny D. Cano -Leftware-
Love the light gray; makes staring at it all day easier on the eyes than white or black.
Jared Updike
Can you post a link please? The file on Jeff's blog post is MIA.
@ChadLevy http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2101423/
Michael Stum
I really wish you use this for Eclipse, but Eclipse's text editor doesn't allow you do things like change the background color on Strings.
James McMahon
+3  A: 

Straight up GNU Emacs:

(if (or (eq window-system 'w32) (eq window-system 'x) )
    ( progn (global-font-lock-mode t)         ; colorize all files
            (set-background-color  "black")
            (set-foreground-color  "green")
            (set-cursor-color      "green")
            (set-face-foreground 'modeline "black")
            (set-face-background 'modeline "grey")
            (set-face-foreground 'region   "snow")
            (set-face-background 'region   "black")
            (set-face-foreground 'font-lock-comment-face "salmon")
            (set-face-foreground 'font-lock-function-name-face "skyblue1")
            (set-face-foreground 'font-lock-variable-name-face "gold3")
            (set-face-foreground 'font-lock-type-face "green3")
            (set-face-foreground 'font-lock-keyword-face "cyan")
            (set-face-foreground 'font-lock-constant-face "LightSlateBlue")
            (set-face-background 'fringe "grey20")

            (set-frame-width (selected-frame) 110)
            (set-frame-height (selected-frame) 55)
            ) )

Background: gray background Text: light gray Comments and JavaDoc: light green Attributes: purple Keywords: light blue

RANT This is one of the down falls of Eclipse, in how hard it is to keep color scheme's between versions. There is about 7 places to make changes and you still don't get them all. END RANT

Ryan P
+2  A: 

zenburn (VS settings file) - easy on the eyes.

+13  A: 

I have written a theme generator for Visual Studio themes. It's really simple (you input 3 colors -- it shoots out theme based on the contrasting values). Maybe it will be useful to some pepole... http://www.frickinsweet.com/tools

Ryan Lanciaux

The black & white one.


Yellow on black provides the best contrast. I always change my command shells to look like that.

+17  A: 
Brad Wilson
Hey me too, thanks!
Jonathan S.
I also use Brad's.
Brad's color scheme FTW!
Looks like colored chalk on a blackboard. Nice.
This one is awesome.
Image link broken? At least for me.
+7  A: 

Something an old developer told me after I asked him about his dark color scheme -
"You have a high energy electron gun pointed at your head. how energetic do you want these electrons to be?"

ofcouse, that was back in the CRT age.

Did he *really* believe there are electrons shooting at him out of the screen? What a dumb person.
didn't said `out of screen`, just said `pointed at your head`. That's technically right and some could even call that humour.
+12  A: 

Zenburn(Emacs version) or Arjen depending of the lighting in the room where I'm working. Zenburn feels easier for eyes when it's dark, but Arjen is better when you are using glossy screen on a sunny day.

+1 for Zenburn.
+2  A: 

modified SciTE - nothing fancy but it aint easy finding an editor that makes CF look good.

I love SciTE. Nice and simple and without all the fluff.
Evan Fosmark
+1 for "it aint easy finding an editor that makes CF look good."
+2  A: 

I'm going to buck the trend, I have been programming for a very long time and I turn off most syntax coloring. I do black text on a white background, except dark blue for comments and dark green for string constants, that's it.

Hard core!
Lucas McCoy
That's *nothing*. I turn my monitor off and when I compile I listen to the disks - even the SSDs to hear if I've got it right. You don't know you're born!

I use Moria Alternate but I've replaced the default Deja Vu Sans Mono with Consolas


I use Oren Ellenbogen's Dark Scheme but slightly tweaked so that the fonts are a little smaller and some of the colours are a little more obvious

+1  A: 

black on black

My personal fav is Onyx on Dark Gray but Black on Black is nice also. ;-)
Lucas McCoy
why not just program blind folded?
+2  A: 
Not too bad. I prefer the black background too, but most folks here make the other colors too bright.
Your image link is broken.
+8  A: 
do you know what font that is in the first image?
I believe it is Consolas (or Liberation Mono)
Shrikant Sharat
+3  A: 
Pop Catalin
Anywhere I can download this theme, it's disappeared off the coding horror blog (due to him losing all blog content I assume)
+1  A: 

I created a script which each time it is called creates a gnometerm with a different colored background using gnometerm's profiles. It cycles through a series of profiles each of which has a foreground text color of black, and a background color that's some pale blue, green, orange, red, yellow, etc. It tie this script to an icon on the panel.

The effect is more or less like black on white, in that the coloration is subtle enough that it doesn't draw attention to itself, but enough so that your mind knows "the yellow one is for compiling", the "blue one is vi editing my program, and the green one is a vi editing a header file." etc.


I have used a similar program, but I'm finding myself drawn towards a scheme where a parchement-y color is the background more.

Although I can't seem to find one for notepad++.

I'm pretty sure there's a famous scheme with that approach, but I can't remember it.

Paul Nathan
You could always change the Notepadd++ styles yourself. That's what I do to get the green over black theme.
Ibn Saeed
The yellow/red color for find_by_sql calls look like breakpoints or otherwise something "bad".
breakpoint is pink in color, i think pink is the most commonly used for breakpoints.
Ibn Saeed
Sarah Vessels

I used Borland Pascal a lot when I was young, so I seem to add a bit of blue to the dark schemes every time. But only a slight tint.

+2  A: 

I use a colour scheme based on StackOverflow:

alt text

Can be downloaded here: http://www.paulstovell.com/paulstovell-color-scheme

Paul Stovell
Looks very soothing...
+5  A: 

I made my own Scheme

alt text

you can download it here for Notepad++ , Komodo & Aptana


Lets check ZENBURN color scheme for visual studio.net. Refer below mentioned url.


This color scheme is used to work with low light condition.

+1  A: 

I recently wrote an article about designing a theme for VS2010:


I've tried to put a bit of thought into it - rather than the usual "pick random colors that sort of match".

Cool stuff. Can you post a screenshot of it here as well?
+2  A: 

I usually use the default Intellij theme (white background, black text), but in the past I have used and enjoyed a slightly modified Dark Pastels, and Angry Fruit Salad.

Dark Pastels: alt text

Bright and cool. I don't like using green for string literals, though. The look like comments.
Yeah, that's one of the things I changed. I believe I made them purple.

I actually love standard Eclipse theme.

alt text

+21  A: 

There's now a site which is collecting Visual Studio themes from enthusiasts like us:


Looks like there's a lot of good stuff there already.

alt text

James Kolpack
Son of Obsidian, +1
I'm rocking 'Coding Horror 2010', of course (^_^)
Ed Gonzalez
Yeah, it seems they're mostly dark themes (IDE noir?), but the Coding Horror one is a nice light one. I just wish they all included the Resharper settings!
James Kolpack
James: Does any of them include Resharper settings? I feel stuck with the defaults cause I cant seem to be able to merge a modified visual studio style with resharpers styles, it looks wierd.
@mizipzor - I now don't remember seeing any with resharper settings. I've gone through and modified the resharper colors to match more-or-less with the theme.
James Kolpack

I'm using this one, I think.


I use the default Visual Studio theme, but I have two plugins that add more colour: Codekana (brackets and control statements) and Visual Assist (types, variables, macros, and methods).

I spend more time in GVim, and I like the desert colorscheme. I recently started developing my own variant on desert called sandydune that adds more colouring.

+1  A: 

I use this one in Emacs.

Built with this

+1  A: 

Cobalt for the win. Before Cobalt I would get quite bad eyestrain, with it things are very easy and cruisy. I find the blue quite relaxing too, never hurts my eyes.

The theme is available for Aptana (Eclipse), Textmate and Espresso. Pity it isn't there for Coda :-(

alt text