Is there any working bonuses-schema for developers?

Any suggestion how financial bonuses for developers should be calculated. It seems to be easy -- take things like: effectiveness/performance, code quality/bugs count, experience, teamwork, engagement, Over hours, some others. and count some score. But we all know (i.e.

Revenue Sharing for a development team

I lead a team of 4 developers (me included). We develop bespoke financial applications so it is seldom that we sell the same product twice. Our boss has just come to me with a suggestion that we implement some kind of revenue sharing. This is not Incentive Pay, but a bonus that goes to the whole team for getting a project completed an...

Does offering financial bonuses help or hurt morale?

In response to this question, David Thornley writes: "Offering a $1K bonus can also really hurt morale and make the team less effective. Don't do this without thinking it over very carefully. You can't measure contributions well enough to make it seem fair." Does offering financial bonuses help or hurt morale? If you have ever received...