Windows Server 2008 SSTP VPN in a Non-Domain Environment?

Is it doable to set up a non-domain-based (standalone) Windows Server 2008 as an SSTP VPN (Secure Socket Layer Tunneling Protocol VPN)? I'd like to enable remote users to access a network via SSL-based VPN (currently using PPTP) by making an SSTP VPN connection via a Win2k8 server. Most of the docs seem to include running in an AD doma...

VPN Client Subnet Issues - Hopefully simple for someone who knows how!

Hi Everyone. I'm trying to set up VPN access with using SSTP in my home network. I have a virtual machine with two network adapters. The 'internal' adapter settings are: IP - Sub - DNS - (local dns server) WINS - (local wins server) The 'external' adapter settings are IP -