Is there a good XML / XSD editor out there? I've been using the editor in Visual Studio 2005 a little but find it lacking in features.

Which editors do you use?

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Altova's XMLSpy is excellent, but overpriced.

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XMLPad is free.


I'm using the Eclipse editor coming with the WTP. I don't use much of visual editing, I prefer the plain-text view. But it has good folding, highlighting and the visual editors are useable if you digg into them. And: it's free.

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That screenshot is not attractive haha I can barely see the XML file
Marcio Aguiar

I also use XMLSpy


XML Spy - just buy it simple!

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XmlMarker is good enough in my books. All I really want is highlighting and auto identing and this gives me it. Only issues are a slightly odd scroll and the fact that it trims spaces in elements when identing. Otherwise it does the job well enough and is FREEEEEEEEEEEE!.

I can use its identing functionality in combination with WinMerge to effectively diff XML files which is a boon.

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I've found LiquidXML to be one of the easiest editors I've used in a while, especially for authoring XSDs. Plus, the community edition is free!


Stylus Studio is a FANTASTIC tool!

Daniel Silveira

I like XML Notepad. Free and simple.

Andrew Grant
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Emacs with nxml-mode is nice.


I have been using Liquid XML Studio for 6 months now. They have a free Community Edition version in addition to their Commercial version. Liquid XML is as good as XML Spy if not better.

I'm not sure that liqud XML has the Schema editing of XmlSpy?
Dog Ears
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I use it is FREE and I have used it in a project using Tradestone and TIBCO ESB.

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Vim is a good all around editor, and it works well with XML files. The syntax highlighting is rather helpful as well.


I think this has been discussed before.

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For sure a cheap alternative is the Liquid Xml Studio. It´s quite satisfying! But if you want more power and have some dollars to spend, try XML Spy.

You can event try the eclipse xml took, but too poor.

It´s my experience, i´m gonna take a look at some suggestions here!


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For large/complex Xml files I use XmlSpy (although expensive as previously noted). I really like the grid view. It's not that good however for XSLT debugging and I prefer Xselerator. At my last company we moved from XmlSpy to Oxygen because of cost. Oxygen was a bit of a disappointment in comparison.

For small Xml files and quick editing the Xml editor in Eclipse is actually decent. But not worth using just for Xml! So, I use Notepad++. I love this tool.

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I have to second Notepad++. They also have an XMLTools plugin that will do XML formatting and provides some other options for validation and things like that. If I have to edit a reasonable sized XML file, I'll always turn to Notepad++.

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We've been using Liquid XML Studio for quite a while now. The XML Schema Editor in the free version was good enough for most of our project, and the XML editor is great for tracking down validation issues.

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Thumbs up for Notepad++


Did you try EditiX XML Editor, it has a nice visual schema editor and a free version is available :