This is my first post here and I wanted to get some input from people doing iPhone development. Other than the Apple DevCenter, where are there good sites to learn iPhone developement?

I know Apple has a tough NDA but there has to be people talking about writing applications for the iPhone.

Thank you, Rob Bazinet

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Covered. Search around. There has been a lot of contribution to the site already. Welcome!

David McGraw
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this is probably a good place to start

Christian Hagelid
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This site covers some of the basics with little regard for the NDA. Start at the bottom and work up.

Factor Mystic

Thank you. I didn't see that thread before. I expected the NDA issues to come up and I don't really care since it is going to be hard for Apple to pursue it. I think we will see a lot of good tutorials and code samples popping up.

Any others have input?

Rob Bazinet

Craig Hockenberry (developer of Twitterrific) blogs about iPhone development issues at

John Topley
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Pretty impressed with

A new iPhone app is written everyday, and listed on the site with source code and screen shots.

Apple now has developer forums, accessible to registered developers:

Kristopher Johnson