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Hy, does anyone worked with N2 Content Management System( If yes, how does it perform, performance wise(under heavy load)? It seems pretty simple and easy to use.


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Maybe try this question at

They might be able to tell you about performance limitations or bottlenecks.

Leon Bambrick
I have first-hand statement from a Dutch company that built N2-based webshop with 15.000+ registered users. I guess that tells enough.
Dejan Milicic

I tried it and it looked promising at first but quickly had issues actually deploying it to a Medium Trust host.

Brian Boatright
I'm trying to get this working locally prior to deployment to my host, and I think I may have cracked it - I ended up having to add a reference to the project assembly itself in the <n2><engine><assemblies> section. It was then able to find everything it was looking for, and so far, so MVC ;)
Zhaph - Ben Duguid
In medium trust mode, you must explicitly state one by one all assemblies you would like to use. In full trust mode (we all use on our development machines) all assemblies from bin folder are automatically loaded.
Dejan Milicic

We have used N2CMS to build lots of websites, we think it is great.