I have several months experience creating Flex applications, but I'm interested in diving in a little deeper. My projects so far have involved web services and graphing work to create RIAs. In particular, I'm probably most interested in training related to:

  • BlazeDS & LiveCycle Data Services
  • Custom (visual) components / graphing

I'm wondering if anyone has any personal experience with any sort of Flex training. I'm aware of several "boilerplate" classes that are offered by Adobe's partners, and I'm wondering how valuable any of those have turned out to be. I'm open to other possibilities, too.

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I just got back from a basic Flex training class done by Figleaf. It's the second class I've taken with them, and they're really good.

They have two classes on LDS, one for using it with Java and one for Cold Fusion. They should both cover BlazeDS as well, as that's a subset of the LDS functionality.

Graphing is probably handled in the Charting and Dashboard class. Custom visual components were partially covered in the intro class, and I think it's expanded on in the Components class.

There are others too. And all those courses are the Adobe certified ones, and a number of other companies offer the same courses.


i'm giving flex training in ndia, [email protected]