So I've learned the difference between FREETEXT, FREETEXTTABLE, CONTAINS, and CONTAINSTABLE. And I've created a pretty cool search engine that combines a full-text enabled search with a tagging system (with a little help from you guys).

But where have you gone to really learn about and master full-text searching and get the most out of it in real-world scenarios? I'm struggling now with things like database design with full-text indexing in mind, and writing efficient queries that reference multiple tables each with their own full-text-indexed columns.

Any good articles or tutorials you know of are welcome.

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Not an article or a tutorial, but if you're willing to spend a few bucks your single best source of information would be Pro Full-Text Search in SQL Server 2008 by Michael Coles and Hilary Cotter.

Aaron Alton
Hilary Cotter is da man when it comes to sql full text search!
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You could start by going straight to the source (assuming that you haven't already).