I made a small sketch with processing using opencv to face detect and track. But when I export as an application and start it nothing happens, same as an applet. First I exported the applet and thought this must be a security issue, and struggled with some hack for processing to sign your java applet.

With no luck I thought I would atleast be able to run it as an application but no success.

Anyone know what to do?


If you're on OSX 10.6 there is a known bug with the quicktime camera stuff not working in 64-bit mode. Make sure both your install of processing and the exported application are set to run in 32-bit mode.

Right click -> get info -> Open in 32-bit mode


EDIT: After extensive head-banging, it has been determined that OpenCV doesn't run in web browsers. Drat!

If someone figures out how to fix this, you will be my hero. Thanks.

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I have this problem too... not fixed by 32-bit mode (though thanks for that tip!)

Applets go to a gray screen even when signed. I am using some libraries but they're supposed to be kosher for the web.