I have a custom web part I've built, that I'm attempting to place three instances of on a single page. What I've noticed is that when I have a single instance on the page, the custom properties save and work appropriately. When I then add two more instances of the same custom web part to the page, the following web parts do not save their custom property values. I figure I must be doing something wrong when it comes to the WebPartStorage attribute. Any thoughts?

[Browsable(true), Category("Miscellaneous"),
FriendlyName("List"), Description("List")]
public String List { get; set; }

Have you tried Storage.Shared rather than Storage.Personal?

This would help to isolate the personalisation store as the cause of the problem.

Additionally try removing the FriendlyName and Description attributes.


Interestingly enough, I ended up removing the default value and description attributes and my scenario began working. Not a very helpful explanation, I know, but maybe it will help someone else in the future.

Chris Stewart