By default, using \cite in the Beamer class of LaTeX places the actual citation information at the end of the presentation on a separate slide containing the bibliography. How does one get the citation information, instead, on the same slide as the citation (the expected, courteous practice for most presentations)?

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If you use the biblatex package, you can insert a complete bibliographic entry with the \fullcite command.

Unfortunately biblatex is not yet installed by default in TeX Live/MiKTeX because the author wants it to be completely stable before it sees widespread use. However, it's already very very useable (I've been using it for a couple of years) and I wouldn't hesitate recommending to install and use it.

Will Robertson
I'll give this a look. Thanks, Will.
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I have used the bibentry style for this (part of natbib), which just allows you to write \bibentry{key} which directly expands to the full bibliographic entry.

Kaka Woef