I have just started a new job out of uni and I am learn OO PHP we have a custom framework where I work and my boss was talking about teaching me how to use JQuery with objects. I am also unsure whether he means objects from PHP classes or whether JQuery has its own object of some type. I am not sure exactly what he means by this. Is there anywhere I can find out how to do this in a general sense? My boss is in a meeting today and I would like to get cracking.



Only way you could interconnect PHP and jQuery is AJAX. For example, load some .php file, which some object from your framework. :)

Ah ok I know about AJAX. So I think he must be talking about setting up classes in JQuery.
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It would have to be javascript objects. You might want to have a look at some resources for JSON.

Ah yes he did mention JSON I think. Cheers
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