Hello, I want to use GTK for user interface for C++ project. I do not know how to set development environment for it. I downloaded all-in-one bundle of gtk from How to use it with visual c++ 2008 ?

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For any kind of library, first you need to make sure you have the available lib files and associated headers. After you have those, you simply modify your projects properties under the C++ > General > Additional Include directories, to contain the path to the headers, and under the Linker > General > Additional Library Dependencies, to contain the path to your lib files. Then under Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies, you add the file name (not the full path) of the .lib files you need.

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There are some old instructions here and here. You will probably have to adjust them for your needs.

GTK also has some email lists you could join to discuss this. The best lists for this particular question are [email protected] or [email protected].

There's also an irc channel, #gtk+ on My experience there is you get either quick answers or no answers at all.

If you can, you might try switching from Visual C++ to mingw, which is a Unix/Linux like build system for Windows. Very few GTK developers use it on Windows, and almost all of those people use mingw.

Bob Murphy