Does anyone know of quality, weekly tech podcasts in French similar to e.g. Hanselminutes, .NET Rocks, Code Cast?

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Les Cast Codeurs Podcast == Java Posse in French

Pascal Thivent
thanks, I looked around for the mp3 download links for awhile, found them on the feed: http://lescastcodeurs.com/feed/
Edward Tanguay
Actually, there is a RSS feed logo in the top right corner but, yes, that's it.
Pascal Thivent
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I also found this one:


Un podcast "en français" sur le développement logiciel Suivez les entrevues de Mario Cardinal et Guy Barrette avec les experts de la programmation Microsoft .Net

Edward Tanguay
This show, although focused on the Microsoft technology stack, often has guests with a non-traditional career path and a unique point of view.
Paul Lalonde