I need a quick reference

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U: Working file was updated

G: Changes on the repo were automatically merged into the working copy

M: Working copy is modified

C: This file conflicts with the version in the repo

?: This file is not under version control

!: This file is under version control but is missing or incomplete

A: This file will be added to version control (after commit)

A+: This file will be moved (after commit)

D: This file will be deleted (after commit)

S: This signifies that the file or directory has been switched from the path of the rest of the working copy (using svn switch) to a branch

I: Ignored

X: External definition

~: Type changed

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I usually use svn through a gui, either my IDE or a client. Because of that, I can never remember the codes when I do have to resort to the command line.

I find this cheat sheet a great help: http://www.addedbytes.com/cheat-sheets/subversion-cheat-sheet/


Take a look in the Subversion Book:


Highly recommended for anyone doing pretty much anything with SVN.

Carl Russmann
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Also note that a result code in the second column refers to the properties of the file. For example:

U   filename.1
 U  filename.2  
UU  filename.3

filename.1: the file was updated
filename.2: a property or properties on the file (such as svn:keywords) was updated
filename.3: both the file and its properties were updated

Matt Miller