How do I create a branch in SVN?

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Subversion makes it easy (some think too easy) to create a new branch using the svn copy command.

$ svn copy svn+ssh:// \
svn+ssh:// \
-m "Creating a branch of project"
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Normally you'd copy it to svn+ssh:// so that you can keep several branches in the repository, but your syntax is valid.

Here's some advice on how to set up your repository layout.


If you even plan on merging your branch, I highly suggest you look at this:

I hear Subversion 1.5 builds more of the merge tracking in, I have no experience with that. My project is on 1.4.x and is a life saver!

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Subversion doesn't really support branches or tags. What it allows instead is a very very light and efficient copying facility.

Branching and Tagging are, effectively the same. Just copy a whole folder in the repository to somewhere else in the repository.

Basically this means that it is by convention what copying a folder means - whether it be a backup, tag, branch or whater. Depending upon how you want to think about things (normally depending upon which SCM tool you have used in the past) you need to set up a folder structure within your repository to support your style.

Common styles are to have a bunch of folders at the top of your repository called 'tags', 'branches' and 'trunk' etc. - that allows you to copy your whole 'trunk' (or sub-sets) into the tags and/or branches folders. If you have more than one project you might want to replicate this kind of structure under each project:

It can take a while to get used to the concept - but it works - just make sure you (and your team) are clear on the conventions that you are going to use. It is also a good idea to have a good naming convention - something that tells you why the branch/tag was made and whether it is still apropriate - consider ways of archiving branches that are obsolete.

"svn copy" has the advantage that it will retain history previous to the branching. Manually copying to another directory won't.

If you use a tool like TortoiseSVN, it gives you a simple, visual mechanism for doing branching/tagging.

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