I am progamatically creating a SharePoint site using

SPWeb spWeb = spSite.AllWebs.Add(...);

What code do I need run to set the spWeb to turn off the "Show pages in navigation" option?


publishingWeb.IncludePagesInNavigation = false;
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Wasn't sure myself but I was able to locate this:

Modifying navigation is another common branding task since it affects what users can see and how they can proceed through a site hierarchy. The Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing namespace exposes several classes that target the Publishing site infrastructure, such as PublishingWeb and PublishingPage. Using these classes, we can easily modify navigation for each site. If you want a child Web to display as a root level site in global navigation, first turn off inheritance from the parent site, like so:

publishingWeb.InheritGlobalNavigation = false;

You might also want to hide all site pages from global navigation. Setting IncludePagesInNavigation to false hides all pages in the site, regardless of whether the PublishingPage.IncludeInGlobalNavigation property is set to true

// do not show pages in navigation
publishingWeb.IncludePagesInNavigation = false;

If you are dealing with default sites that don't inherit from PublishingWeb, it's still possible to hide these sites from the global navigation bar. For example, if you create a site collection using the collaboration portal template and want to exclude the News site from global navigation, add that site to the __GlobalNavigationExcludes property of the site:

string globalNavExcludes = String.Empty;
SPWeb webSite = MSDNSiteCollection.RootWeb;
// _GlobalNavigationExcludes property contains a delimited string of 
// GUIDs identifying the Id of each site to be excluded from global
// navigation

if (webSite.AllProperties.ContainsKey("__GlobalNavigationExcludes")) {
  globalNavExcludes = 

SPWeb newsSite = MSDNSiteCollection.AllWebs["News"];
// string is delimited "{GUID};{GUID};",
// use format code B to convert to string
globalNavExcludes += String.Concat(currentWeb.ID.ToString("B"), ";");

webSite.AllProperties["__GlobalNavigationExcludes"] = globalNavExcludes;

Adding navigation nodes directly to an SPNavigationNodeCollection is a good way to display only the nodes you want as well as to group nodes and links to external sites. Figure 10 shows how to add an internal link, external link, and a heading to the global navigation bar. This example addresses some of the properties of the SPNavigation class that affect whether the link opens in a new window and how to handle empty URLs.

Brian Schmitt