Where is the option in Visual Studio to make the Home key go to the start of the line?

Right now you have to do



Home, Ctrl+Left Arrow

i'd prefer that home goes to the start of the line. i saw it before, but now i cannot find it.

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In Tools/Customize/Keyboard, Reassign the "Home" key from Edit.LineStart" to "Edit.LineFirstColumn"

Edit by OP: You must change Scope to Text Editor before this will work.

James Curran
You cannot reassign the "Home" key. You push the "Home" key as the key you want to assign, and nothing happens.
Ian Boyd
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From asking the same question on MSDN forums:

TaylorMichaelL said:

The command you are interested in is Edit.LineFirstColumn. You'll want to change the scope to be the Text Editor. You should remove any existing shortcut key associated with the command first. If you don't change the scope then the Home key won't work. Then try using the Home key. It should work.

Michael Taylor - 9/18/08

Changing the Scope to Text Editor was the missing piece in the puzzle.

  • Go to Tools/Customize/Keyboard
  • Change Scope to "Text Editor".
  • Reassign the "Home" key from Edit.LineStart to Edit.LineFirstColumn
Ian Boyd