I know you could make a helper pretty easily given the data. So, if possible, please only submit answers that also include getting the data.

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We are using an action filter for this.


 public override void OnActionExecuting(ActionExecutingContext filterContext)
  var controller = (Controller) filterContext.Controller;
  Breadcrumb[] breadcrumbs = _breadcrumbManager.PushBreadcrumb(_breadcrumbLinkText);

before you mention it, I too have a distaste for service location in the filter attributes - but we are left with few options. IBreadcrumbManager looks like this:

public interface IBreadcrumbManager
 Breadcrumb[] PushBreadcrumb(string linkText);

The implementation puts Breadcrumb objects into the Session. The Url is HttpContext.Current.Request.RawUrl

Matt Hinze
Is the implementation of IBreadcrumbManager somewhere we can look at? Where does _breakcrumbLinkText come from?
could you show a more detailed example of this solution to breadcrumb helper? Do you have any test solution you could share maybe? I don't really get it with the interface _breadcrumbManager/IBreadcrumbManager..

How would you go about displaying the breadcrumbs in a View?

Chris Pietschmann
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@Chris: something like this:

     foreach (var item in ViewData.Get<Breadcrumb[]>())
    <a href="<%= Server.HtmlEncode(item.Url) %>"><%= item.LinkText %></a> &raquo;
Matt Hinze


Would you be so kind to show a bit more of your suggested implementation, it intrigues and confuses me all at the same time ;)

For example, where do you instantiate the _breadcrumbManager, and what does it do internally?

Regards, avsomeren

this should as well be a comment to some answer, shouldn't it?
Robert Koritnik