Hi all,

I am looking for a MVC SiteMap provider in which I can specify area as well, along with controller and action. Did anyone use a SiteMap provider that supports MVC 2 Areas ?

Help will be greatly appreciated in this regard.


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I haven't used it but there is an mvcsitemap project on codeplex which appears to handle areas, and has good reviews.

You know what, I am using this already and I couldn't spot the area feature of it till now, may be its newly introduced into it? but thanks a ton, I will try to explore it a little more! :)
Mahesh Velaga
Feel free to mark my answer as the answer then if this works for you then, so I can get that bounty ;o)
Hehe .. I was waiting to check this out on my machine right now, I checked and it seems to work fine!, so there you go, the bounty is yours :)
Mahesh Velaga
Ahh .. it says I need to wait 2 more hours!, but your answer will be my pick :)
Mahesh Velaga