I'm looking for an rss library I can integrate into an existing windows MFC/C++ application. Does anyone know of such a thing? Or am I not finding one because people tend to use one of the many XML libraries out there and just enhance them to be specific to rss feeds?

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This guy wrote an app, not a stand-alone library - but it may work as a jumping-off point for what you need.

Greg Hurlman
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Windows RSS Platform (Microsoft Feed APIs)

The Windows RSS Platform is an API that enables applications to access and manipulate the Common Feed List, a collection of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to which the user has subscribed. Use the Windows RSS Platform in your applications to:

  • Subscribe to new feeds, and enumerate existing subscriptions.
  • Easily access properties of feeds (channels), feed items, and enclosures.
  • Manage and organize feeds into folders.
  • Listen for and respond to feed and feed folder events.
  • Check the status of the background Feed Download Engine, or modify settings.
  • Normalize the XML source of a feed.

The Windows RSS Platform is available with Windows Internet Explorer 7 on Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista.

Frank Krueger
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FeedReader is a fast, thread-safe, extensible and platform-independent C++ library for parsing many kinds of web feeds.

Can you comment on how well your library builds under VisualStudio 2010? I've had a real hard time getting Xerces and Xalan to cooperate.
I didn't get the chance to build it with VS 2010 yet.I hope to get to it soon.