Looking at some of the reviews on Amazon, I can't help but wonder whether reviews can be trusted anymore - it seems that most iPhone programming book authors have a social network large enough to just mass-perk their friends to post faked good reviews. Anyway, so my question is, what are the good iPhone programming books that you know of -- i.e., have actually read most of or learned something relating to the actual subject on?

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The best iPhone application development tutorial is here, as from mine side this was the best apart from all other tutorials.

just get the print outs of required pages . As all the books will get all the contents from this only. as they also have to depend upon apple inc. So as apple provides a blast of tutorials , grab all and yo'll learn all the required programming from this one place.

if I am wrong then tell me.

iPhone Fun
I don't think it's the best for an introduction tutorial. Better suited for those who've gotten there feet wet. It's an amazing resource!
still at an initial stage even as I personally feel it's best one. I've tried an I've learned a lot from this.
iPhone Fun
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My vote is for iPhone App Development by Craig Hockenberry. I also second the advice of reading the official Apple documentation. Unlike most other tech companies, Apple actually puts a lot of effort into writing documentation that is easy to understand and has many examples as well as the reasoning behind the design of the APIs.

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I would recommend iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
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+1 for Big Nerd Ranch
Any particular faves/raves to mention?
@ina: I read "Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK" first, then the Big Nerd Ranch. They are both great for beginning iPhone development and I would recommend you to read both.

All the lectures for Stanford's iPhone class are available for free on iTunes U. I found to be a very nice introduction.

Are they out of date with respect to iOS4?
Last I checked, they posted new ones for the current class. So they're probably out of date, but will probably be putting up-to-date ones up when the new semester starts.

If you have already started getting into iPhone programming and are familiar with the basics of it, a good one is iPhone for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach. It has all the code for several working, useful apps along with explanations.

Erica Sadun's iPhone Developer's Cookbook has some useful tips and techniques, too.