So, the new year is just around the corner... time for New year Resolutions!

To kick things off let's quote Wikipedia:

A New Year's Resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous

So what resolutions are your resolutions as a programmer for 2009?

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I love quoting Wikipedia...

Resolution: Go crazy on one language (probably Java) and create the most wicked stuff for it. For a while now, I've been dipping my feet in every aspect of computers, now its time to settle down on one topic.

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Finish some Open Source software I've been working on.... let's just say... a while.

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The same as every other year - learn a new programming language.

Michael Neale
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Finish version 1.0 of my hobby project.

Work out more.

Maintain a proper sleep schedule.

+1, I guess this pretty much summarizes resolutions for most of us :)
Maintaining a proper sleep schedule is in direct conflict with finishing your hobby project.
Obviously you can only choose two out of three :)
@vividos you got two? omg!!
I third this, though I understand that it will never reasonably happen for me. :)
Jeff Hubbard
8 HOURs sleep8 HOURs work8 HOURs social life which is important to improve your creativeness ability. :)

Finish brushing up and open source my private Lua framework, with things like my Lua-LINQ and Lua on Rails.

Robert Gould
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Increase IDE font size by one point - eyes are one year older.

+1 after 10 years... maybe you'd need a new screen too?
thinking about it - subject to Wife Acceptance Factor
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Learn Haskell.

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Read and re-read some of the time tested books for developers like Code Complete and Pragmatic Programmer.

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Stop creating a ton of sample XNA apps that demonstrate a few specific things and finally make a full blown game I've been pushing off for too long.

  • Release the first version of my open source Umbraco code gen -
  • Write a proper LINQ provider for Umbraco
  • Finish my demos on AJAX
  • Redevelop my blog with a better AJAX engine
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Need to learn a functional programming language. not sure which one

Learn Haskell. Its pure and lazy. Here is fib function in haskell> fibs = 0 : 1 : zipWith (+) fibs (tail fibs)
grom- dont mind if its a stupid question, does it have an interactive shell like Python does...or something like that
Actually, that question has been asked on S.O. before:
Learn lambda calculus.
+1 to Lambda calculus...
Any takers for F# ??

Finish my F# hobby project.

Oh yes, and save the world with code.


Finish working on my open source project... learn a new language ( did Erlang this year ).


To learn XAF and finally finish that in-house Web + WinForms coporate admin support system I've been promising my teammates for years. =p

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To get a job :(

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Open the book I used when I studied Compiler Theory... and try to to really understand it this time. :)

+1 feeling sorry for you ;)
the dragon books?

Finish my hobby game AI (hanging two years), and the project on statistics and predictability and launch it as webapp (hanging four years)...

And oh yeah, take a 6 month break from coding for money and enjoy life with my kiddo.

  • sleep more
  • learn to give time estimates that I can actually keep.
  • learn this Java thing so I can write stuff for my phone
Ariel Arjona
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  • Get my consulting business off the ground
  • Learn LINQ
  • Learn Design Patterns
  • Put out one WPF application
  • Put out two web apps
Mike at KBS
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  • Write the two apps for my wifes music store business that I've been saying I'd write for nearly 2 years now. They'll make her life a whole lot easier. Write the above in WPF.
  • Learn a functional programming language.

    . . . and to do both of these I'll need to spend less time on SO :)

Binary Worrier
I would love to work on an app in my spare time, care to share some details or do you want to do it solo?
Thanks for the offer, but I need to do it solo.
Binary Worrier
Repaid in kind --R :P
Ruben Bartelink
  • Restart my brain's Perl engine. Haven't used it in more than ten years
  • Set up a small web server at home, so I can code whatever I want.
  • Finish reading "Mastering Regular Expressions" and some other books I bought some time ago.
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by year 2009...

i will constantly "practice" developing RIA, using Jquery first.:D

be more friendly...

focus and understand details especially in programming

start building online businesses


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Work Smart and Sleep more!

Vijay Dev

I plan to learn javascript to a new depth. My knowledge is far too shallow just now.

Then I plan to spend more time in the open air, taking photographs and enjoying the company of my family.

You have to have balance...

Neil Albrock

Mine is both a personal goal and a goal for my team. That is to improve code quality and stability.

We are doing it through rolling out Team Foundation Server, revamping our code review process to an in-IDE experience, revisiting our coding standards, training, and pair programming.


Read Implementation Patterns by Kent Beck for the 3rd time. Finish first project with Ruby and Rails. Learn Groovy and use in a production java program. Use TDD at work for all changes to code. Read the manuals to Spring and Hibernate. Use JRuby on a project for work. Create a "one button" deployment for our java web projects at work.

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At work:

  • Be Less Distracted (eg. Spend less time on this website.)
  • Commit to SVN more frequently (this is a terrible habit)

At home:

  • Finish and release numerous updates to the various Open Source projects I work on.
  • Don't get involved in any more of them until I have more free-time.
Troy Howard
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  • Get a bit more free time
  • Finish my Google App Engine project
  • Forget Google App Engine completely and go back to Django
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Fully catch up with the new C# features (LINQ etc.).

petr k.

Actually I don't have any, because I think that I can make resolutions for any time. Don't have to wait for a new year. That's just an excuse not to start at once - which means that they will never come true.

So here are some of my "all time resolutions":

  • finish a lot of started projects
  • reduce BMI
  • become millionaire :)

Start thinking about the following year's resolutions


Catch up with some books I've bought and also with the new C# features.


One of mine is to make a contribution to Ruby on Rails and get it committed.

John Topley

I had a professor who advised us to learn one new programming language every year over winter break. No more winter breaks, but I'm still trying to learn new languages.

Scottie T

Make my website more standards compliant and accessible to help meet the needs of users with disabilities

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Submit an iPhone app to the app store.

  • Get new java certificate
  • Learn a new language (targeting ruby on rails now)
  • Exercise regularly

Get off my butt and finally make sense of Objective-C so I can make something for the iPhone.

John Noonan

I've got a huge todo list of bad things in my code to fix. Maybe I should start fixing them...

Ant P.
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  • Atleast two "marketable" prototypes based on Arduino.
  • Finish the software project have been meaning to do for so long.
  • Dont accept/participate in more projects than humanly possible.
Sridhar Iyer

I've been working on a couple of games using XNA for the past couple of months and I'm going to finish them. I've also found a good local game development group that hopes to get a studio running in the next couple of years so I'm definitely going to make an effort to work with these people and stay networked.


Excersise everyday - I don't plan on being an athlete, just keep a good figure

Learn Objective-C thoroughly and start building the projects I've been planning for a while.