I need to convert latitude/longitude coordinates into Easting/Northing coordinates in the Alberta 10 TM Projection.

The 10 TM projection is similar to UTM, but it is a custom projection for the province of Alberta, Canada. I think (with some effort) I could code it myself but would rather not reinvent the wheel if it's been done already.

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Grab PROJ.4 Cartographic Projections library - open source library.

Suggested parameters for 10TM:

+proj=tmerc +lon_0=-115 +k_0=0.9992 +x_0=500000 +datum=NAD27

According to this post you may need to:

change the ellps to GRS80 if your 10TM data is referenced to the NAD83 datum (instead of NAD27/clrk66). You may also need to change the false northing (y_0) to be -5000000 if your 10TM coordinates for Alberta are less than 5,000,000 (an AltaLIS "standard").

I should mention that proj.4 is the library to get for any kind of geographic coordinate system transformation. There's pretty much no transformation it can't do.

I also recommend reading Map Projections-A Working Manual (Paperback) by John Snyder if you are into these kinds of things.. it's a classic. :) (fixed the link)

Bjorn Reppen
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For free GIS libraries, take a look here: Hopefully you can find something that fits your needs.

Joseph Daigle
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I would seriously consider using a third party dll to do this rather than code it yourself.

I don't know the full details of the 10 TM projection, but I worked on a project that required coordinate conversions between many different coordinate systems to a high degree of accuracy, including UTM and Lat/Long. We found that the maths involved was way too complicated.

Perhaps take a look at the open source PROJ.4:

They seems to support a huge range of conversions, and so I hope Alberta 10 TM will be covered.

John Sibly
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I've used GDAL ( to do this. It supports bindings for many different languages as well.

Nick R
Isn't that only for rasters? Not clear whether the question is about rasters.
gdal provides support for rasters and vector (OGR). It also provides spatial references (OSR) that can do coordinate conversions.
Nick R
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Download the opensource GIS application "MapWindow"

Open the GIS Tools menu

And use their shapefile reprojection tool. Under "National Grids Canada" you can select this Alberta projection.

-Jeff Tiemann [email protected]