I'm using the GoDiagrams suite which seems to recommend .emf files for node images since they scale better on resizing. Bitmaps get all blurry.
Google doesn't show up any good tools that seem to do this... So to reiterate I'm looking for a image converter (preferably free) that converts an image (in one of the common formats like Bitmaps or JPEGs or GIFs) to an .EMF File.

Update: I dont need to do it via code. Simple batch-conversion of images will do.


Try ImageConverter Plus

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Image Magick contains a tool called convert, that will convert from just about anything to EMF files. You can either use this as a separate application, or interface to it using an API that is available in several different languages.

ImageMagick didn't work for me. WinXP machine.convert Back.JPG Back.emf => "convert: no encode delegate for this image format `Back.emf'." I tried the identify command, seems like it can only read emf files "EMF WMF r-- Windows WIN32 API rendered Enhanced Meta File"
ImageMagick supports EMF files only in READ mode, not WRITE.
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Inkscape works well, it was recommended to me here.

Jon Dewees

Really funny one Microsoft. Now this might seem outlandish but it works... (I have Visio2007). Just found this out from a colleague

You can drop a JPEG into Microsoft Visio (no less), Do a 'Save As' to .emf and voila! nice quality of a picture too.


Try It is opensource and it has good results. Download from here:

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XnView ( Very good viewer and converter.

Dan Cristoloveanu
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Irfanview ( supports many image formats (including .emf). It's also small, fast, and very full-featured. It is free for non-commercial and educational use. I use it for all my image-conversion needs as it will work on batches of files and can rename them as it saves.