My dream IDE does full code hints, explains and completes PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. I know it exists!

so far, Zend studio 6, under the Eclipse IDE does a great job at hinting PHP, some Javascript and HTML, any way I can expand this?

edit: a bit more information: right now, using zend-6 under eclipse, i type in

p //(a single letter "p")

and I get a hint tooltip with all the available php functions that begin with "p" (phpinfo(), parse_ini_file(), parse_str(), etc...), each with its own explanation: phpinfo()->"outputs lots of PHP information", the same applies for regular HTML (no explanations however).

However, I get nothing when I do:

b /* (a single letter "b") */

I'd love it if I could get, from that "b" suggestions for "border", "bottom", etc. The same applies for Javascript.

Any ideas?




The default CSS and HTML editors for Eclipse are really good. The default javascript editor does an OK job, but it needs a little work.

I just tested this in Eclipse 3.3.2

function test(){



and it completed the method for me as did this:

var test = function(){



Can you expand on what more you wanted it to do?

Jon Works
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I think the javascript/css needs to be in a separate file for this to work.

Example of css autocomplete in eclipse:

Starting to type border

css example in eclipse

Then thickness

autocompleting border thickness

Then choosing the color

autocompleting border color

Chose red, and it added the ; for me

alt text

Works pretty good IMHO.

Jon Works