Hello/ My build-server already runs IIS to serve 80 and 443 port over TCP. I want to make centralized "push/pull" GIT repository available to all my team members over the Internet.

So I should use HTTP or HTTPS.

But I cannot use Apache because of IIS already hooking up listening sockets on 80 and 443 ports! Is there any way to publish GIT repository over IIS? Does GIT use WebDAV ultima analysi?

Update. Seems that git HTTP installation is read-only one. That's sad. I've intended to keep stable branch on build server and redeploy using hook on push. Does anyone see workaround beside using SVN foк that bratch?

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You really shouldn't. Currently git performance on Windows is still bad.

If you insist - the official howto suggests that you don't need to install anything on the server, you just give WebDAV access to the users and they handle the repository via git http-push.

Git performance on Windows is quite well, actually. It's better for instance then of SVN or Mercurial.
Artem Tikhomirov
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Git supposedly supports webdav, and should work with any webdav server. However, it's really slow compared to the native git protocols.

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Today Git ain't too bad on Windows these days.

And if you want to use SVN on port 443 and/or 80 when IIS is already using it, try the tool at which is a reverse proxy that allows IIS to transparently pass thru SVN to a back-end VisualSVN server (running on the same machine on port 8080).

I'm still trying to get WebDAV and Git working on Windows though. (either by Apache's or IIS's WebDAV).

Garrett Serack

There is a way to setup Git with MSysGit without cygwin.