When I used Metacity, I could drag windows between workspaces using the small icon view of my workspaces. I recently started using Compiz for all the cool desktop effects, however this drag and drop feature isn't working. I use the cube effect for switching workspaces, but I noticed the wall effect doesn't allow it either.

Is this just a missing feature from Compiz or is there a setting somewhere that I can enable it? I know that I can enable dragging windows across edges to the next workspace, and the expose feature to drag windows between workspaces. However, the drag and drop on the icon view is really powerful, and I would love to have it back along with all the great Compiz special effects.

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Sadly all the compiz variants seem not to support the direct drag feature in the mini-desktop view (though I can't say that with absolute certainty, I have yet to find it), but there are some other options for moving windows around.

Are you running the regular compiz or CompizFusion (CompizFusion is the merge between Beryl and compiz). If you are running CompizFusion you can enable the Expo feature within the CompizConfig settings manager (I think it is on by default... but unsure). The default binding is <Super> + <e> (Super being the Windows key on a PC keyboard or the Command key on a Mac keyboard). This will pull out to a view of all desktops where you can drag windows between.

A couple other ways I manage my windows are by using: <CTRL>+<ALT>+<SHIFT>+<ARROW> (when using the desktop cube and some other layouts), this will move the active window to the desktop in the direction of the arrow key; And by manually dragging windows to the edge of the screen, when the mouse hits the edge it will flip to the next desktop.


Thanks for the response akdom! I do use CompizFusion, and I have the expo feature enabled and have used it. It's definitely slick, especially when wobbly windows is enabled. However, I really want to use the icon view on the corner of the screen to move windows. I got really used to it in Metacity and I think it is a killer feature for workspaces. Maybe someone will discover the option and note it hear, or it will be added in to the next version or something.

Mike Stone

I'm with you Mike, I really missed being able to do that when I started using CompizFusion. I don't have the answer you're looking for, but a suggestion that might help is to bind the expo plugin to a screen corner if you haven't already. In the compiz settings manager, click the Expo plugin, then the Actions tab. Expand the Bindings entry and double-click the Expo entry. Check the TopLeft checkbox, or a different one if you prefer.

There are more useful configuration tips here.

Jason Day

I tried Compiz Fusion a while back. I don't remember seeing this feature in there, though.

Otherwise, it was very slick.

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Another way to move windows between workspaces:

With focus on the window you'd like to move, switch to the next workspace with


The Shift modifier takes the currently focused window with you. You can use a combo of Ctrl-Shift-Alt-Right / Ctrl-Alt-Left to move back and forth taking different windows over to another workspace. I find this quicker than going for the mouse if I'm already typing.

PS: This doesn't require Compiz, it should work on most Linux desktops. (Also works in cube mode)

Mark Renouf

either I don't understand the problem or I use another mini-view because for me it works. I either move the windows around in the mini-view or I drag them over the edge of the cube to ne next workspace.

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To change the setting using compizconfig: Go to: -> Desktop Wall Plugin -> Edge Flipping -> enable edge flip move This will allow you to drag a window into another workspace :)


Yes, it is possible to drag windows between workspaces (Freakydeaky already said it) :

You can enable it simply by enabling the Edge Flip move setting in the Desktop Wall Plugin available via CompizConfig Settings Manager which can be run from the System menu

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and it works. I confirm I cannot drag windows through the icon view of my workspaces.

I am also able to drag windows between workspaces using the Expo plugin, <Super> + <e> as akdom said, but this is really slow (window follows cursor with 1-2 s delay) and sadly not usable with a Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 and an Ati HD4350.