Is there anyplace where one can download a virtual machine containing a working install of some Linux distro with Globus Toolkit and some development tools (Java) for testing purposes? A real deployment of a grid is more complicated but I just need something portable, for development.

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You can try this:

Andrea Bertani

The Virtual Data Toolkit is not a virtual machine image, but it is a nice distro of tons of grid tools (including Globus) which is very easy to install. I use it all the time, and love it.

From their website:

The Virtual Data Toolkit (VDT) is an ensemble of grid software that can be easily installed and configured. In our experience, installing grid software from scratch is challenging and time consuming. The goal of the VDT is to make it as easy as possible for users to deploy, maintain and use grid software. Ideally, you just type a single-command and you can immediately access grid resources or provide your resources to others. In reality, it is a bit more work than that, but not much.


The VDT contains a wide variety of grid software as well as the software that it depends on. For example, the VDT includes common grid software like Condor-G ® and Globus ®, and VOMS, and much more. But it also provides supporting software like Apache, Tomcat, and MySQL. There are also many other software components that help run grid sites, like software to update CA certificate revocation lists (fetch-crl), software to assist with local authorization policies (GUMS) accounting software, and much more.