I installed Mono on my iMac last night and I immidiately had a change of heart! I don't think Mono is ready for prime time.

The Mono website says to run the following script to uninstall:

#!/bin/sh -x
#This script removes Mono from an OS X System.  It must be run as root
rm -r /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework
rm -r /Library/Receipts/MonoFramework-SVN.pkg
cd /usr/bin
for i in `ls -al | grep Mono | awk '{print $9}'`; do
rm ${i}

Has anyone had to uninstall Mono? Was it as straight forward as running the above script or do I have to do more? How messy was it? Any pointers are appreciated.



Mono doesn't contain a lot of fluff, so just running those commands will be fine. It's as simple as deleting all the data folders, and the binaries.


Alex Fort
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The above script simply deletes everything related to Mono on your system -- and since the developers wrote it, I'm sure they didn't miss anything :) Unlike some other operating systems made by software companies that rhyme with "Macrosoft", uninstalling software in OS X is as simple as deleting the files, 99% of the time.. no registry or anything like that.

So, long story short, yes, that script is probably the only thing you need to do.

Adrian Petrescu
Interesting. In Windows, you just select the entry from a menu (Add/Remove programs) and click 'uninstall'. Apple and linux should really try and catch up. Uninstall scripts are so 1990-ish!
Geoffrey Chetwood
Lame comment. A/R Prog (who uses it to Add anyway?) is the dinosaur. As per the answer, deleting the application itself is all that's required 99% of the time. This framework (not an app) is a 1%-er. The script is basically ensuring _all_ its DLLs are removed. Something ARP is less than perfect at.
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I just had this same situation, and followed the advice described on this page: http://www.kriskrause.com/2007/07/uninstall-mono-on-mac-os-x.html

It worked excellent for me.


To expand on feelingsofwhite.com's answer, the Mono installer for Mac OS puts the uninstall script in the /Library/Receipts directory, not in the installer image as it says in the Notes.rtf file. The Receipts directory is what the Mac OS Installer.app uses to keep track of which packages were responsible for installing which files. Usually, a list of these is kept in a .bom ("Bill of Materials") file, which can be explored with the lsbom command.

In the case of Mono, they also add a whole bunch of links from your /usr/bin and man directories. Their uninstall scripts finds these and removes them. Since the uninstall script lives in a place the uninstaller deletes, you should probably copy the uninstall script somewhere else before running it:

cp /Library/Receipts/MonoFramework-2.4_7.macos10.novell.universal.pkg/Contents/Resources/uninstallMono.sh .
sudo ./uninstallMono.sh
rm uninstallMono.sh

Tried all these, but nothing happens. First I've run the script and Terminal has produced some garbage, but nothing's happened. When I clicked to quit, it said "there's a process...", but again nothing happened. Then I copied that uninstall script to the desktop and typed "cd destop", pressed return and run "sudo ./uninstallMono.sh". As password, pressed return again as usual, as I don't have a password. And nothing has happened. Any help appreciated.


to burak: You need to be root to do this. Try enable root user first and then change the password, or you can't use sudo command.