Are there any good TextMate-like programs for the Windows platform?

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e text editor.

Otherwise, programs based on Scintilla : Scite, Notepad2, Notepad++. More infos here

I've bought e text editor and can thoroughly recommend it.
Garry Shutler
I'm a fan of notepad++
Scite is lightweight and fast and great
matt b
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I think that Notepad2 and Notepad++ is the most popular (if it comes to something free).

Łukasz Sowa
I love Notepad2. Clean, quick and actually quite pretty looking. I use E when I need tabs though.
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There's textmate clone for windows: e

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I'm a big fan of editplus

Marc Gear
Me too. -------
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Also intype editor is looks much like Textmate, but project is rarely updated.

Indeed,they've had an alpha version for ages
I use inType. I really do love it, but there are a few bugs that I encounter on a daily basis. If only it were worked on more.
Jonathan Sampson
Sadly, it's a textbook example of vaporware.
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Have a look at E Text Editor for Windows.

There are also other free editors like.


Maybe you should specify what you exactly need but f.e. in codehighlighting and support for different encodings I found UltraEdit ( a good comparision.

TextPad ( is nearly as powerfull.

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JEdit is Java-based, so it is cross platform. It is as slow as your JRE and ugly, but has some good features and addons are available.

I have found myself using Notepad++ a lot on Windows.

John Ferguson
jEdit 4.3pre15 (the current pre-release) contains a huge number of UI improvements that make the editor almost palatable. Also, it's not particularly slow (in my experience). It's biggest disadvantages are slow startup and lousy fonts (pre 6.0uN).
Daniel Spiewak
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Programmers Notepad


For programming ConTEXT - many different Highlighters + Macros. Freeware. For normal use EditPad Classic (still available on web). It's poscardware. It's the only one I found which has search for/replace end_of_line and tab characters easily. I use it as a notepad substitute.

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There are a few suggestions in this similar question.

Dave Webb
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Most of those are definitely not TextMate-like! AFAIK, only the "e text editor" is inspired by TextMate.

The short answer is "No". No text editor I've used on Windows even comes close to Textmate. Some try to replicate the "bundles" system, and the themes, but one major thing I find that isn't available in the Windows "replacements" is the beautiful font. I could code all day in the standard Textmate font, but any Windows text editor really strains my eyes. You may have to buy a Mac ;-)

Dan Harper - Leopard CRM

Notepad++ and pspad are my favorites.


It's a little different than TextMate, but gvim for windows is a very good editor which will really speed up your coding time once you're familiar with it. Be warned though, it has a steep learning curve.

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Last I heard vim is available for windows.

Spend some time to learn it and you'll never look back.

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TextPad is worth a look if nothing more than for reading logs and huge .csvs. It does a great job with handling extremely large text files.

Kevin Conner
TextPad is an excellent editor. Don't know how it compares to Textmate, but I couldn't live without it.
Scott Dorman
I strongly agree. I'm hooked on the speed with which it handles regexp searches across multiple huge files, and that I haven't had to pay for a bunch of upgrades as new versions are released.
It's a great editor, it's sooooo smooth for something you're not used to see in Windows.
Camilo Díaz

Well, I took time to get used to it, but pspad has almost all features you might be looking for. Other editors may have these features but pspad is free.

Code-completion (though based on what you enter in the settings and keyword list),

syntax highlighting,

compiler integration,

explorer shell context menu integration,

availability of a zip version (for portable use),

code clips (you may create new clips of boilerplate code, by editing the syntax files),

good find replace tools

highlight matching braces

support for unix format

removing redundant lines, spaces, tabs etc.

are some of the things that I atleast need from a general code editor (For further advanced features, use an IDE for your programming language). Strangely, I could not find spaces to tabs (though tabs to spaces conversion is there). pspad is slow to load at times, and might seem unintuitive if you are coming from editplus, crimson or textpad.

Try rj-texted too. It is also free, and has almost the same featureset as pspad. I havent used it much though, because I have recently discovered it. Also because, I am used to pspad, and I cannot use both editors at the same time. Also, rj-texted does not have context menu shell integration in the portable version.

I dont know of any "free" option that replaces textmate.

Satish Motwani
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sublimetext is perfect tool

This is by FAR the best, thank you for this recommendation.
Tyler Brock
Very good editor. Love it.
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Yes, there's a commercial editor modeled around textmate called E - TextEditor. It supports most of the textmate addons.

Brian Mitchell

ok I understand it's hard to get why textmate is sooo special when you are coming from a windows only world but take 5 minutes and look at some of the demos on the textmate site. It will be time well spent believe me. Textmate is NOT and IDE but it does have syntax highlighting plus a bunch of really advanced code completion features. As far as the windows clons go ... well E gets really close to being a good replacement but it uses cygwin and you have to work around some of the short comings of cygwin ( they are not that few ). But if you manage to get everything working right you get the benefit of being able to use all of textmate's bundles and you get text editing features and code completion not available in any IDE out there. Still the easiest way to just switch over to mac ... sorry.

I find it funny that you say the "easiest" way is to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy a Mac. Perhaps that's not an option for the person either because of their own personal financial constraints or it's a company machine they're on? Answers like this just really annoy me.

There's a great editor on Windows no one has mentioned yet, I only came across it recently my self: Komodo Editor

It has the sheer text scuplting power of Crimson Editor, but also a modern syntax highlighting system (with probably the best syntax extension system I've seen in any text editor including TextMate), code completion, even class name tab completion for dynamic scripting languages.

For some reason E text editor never really clicked with me, I think it has some way to go before it can really substitute for TextMate. Although maybe I just didn't spend enough time with it.


It's jot just textmate, it's the complete experience. My advice is to switch to mac :) If you need an editor like textmate, most probably you are not coding in .net and don't need windows anyway.


One cool program I found recently is texter which is a text expander made by Lifehacker. Texter link

Using this tool, you could get the same functionality as the textmate bundles which is pretty much the feature that makes textmate so great. If you use Texter, you could then use any IDE or text editor you are comfortable with because it doesn't depend on any particular program and you can use it anywhere you write text.


E Text Editor is well worth its price, although it can be buggy at times. Development has e decent pace but is not great. Also, not all TextMate bundles are fully compatible with E.

What I like about E is that it is not a TextMate-clone, it has its own merits. I like how it does column selections and multiple selections.

That said, the power of TextMate lies in its Unix base, for which Cygwin on Windows is (imho) a poor replacement.

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Sublime Text has already been mentioned, but given it recently gained support for TextMate format snippets, it may be worth mentioning again.

It also has several other features most editors don't, like a minimap, multiple selections and python plugins.


Take a look at TextShell It's almost as if it was an exact copy just for windows.

Which explains why it wrecks the system and renders it unbootable right after installation.
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I read here that TextShell is no longer being worked on due to "lack of interest".


VIM + snipmate plugin is the ultimate combination and is a free alternative to TextMate

Rohit Viswanath
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E has already be named but anyway. I use E because it has a lot of the good features I'm used to from TextMate and it supports TextMate snippets.

Christine Fürst