All the recent VisualSVN Server posts made me want to check it out. I have SVN running right now through Apache, but I'd like to try out VisualSVN Server, mostly for the active directory integration. Their docs don't describe whether you can easily migrate an existing repository. Anyone done this before?

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Visual SVN Server will use your existing SVN repositories with no problems. I have successfully migrated repositories from SVN + Apache to Visual SVN Server on multiple occasions.

Joseph Sturtevant
I had the same question. For exact details look at this post.
James Van Boxtel
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An SVN server doesn't really 'attach' to a repository, it just needs to be able to see its files. The repository itself doesn't know or care if it's being accessed via svnserve, Apache mod_svn or direct file:// URLs

Will Dean
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There is an option on the home screen to import an existing repository. You just give it the existing repository location and a name for the imported repository. Pretty simple.


I migrate a Repository too. No problem

Jedi Master Spooky

I Just wanna know where is visualsvn story repository in the Server??