I've noticed that old color movies have a certain look about them, a certain film effect that is hard to come across in modern video - the colors are kind of matted out, like seen through a canvas of some sort - (example - column on the left). Is there any filtering algorithm that could apply this effect to video? On a side note, an equally interesting and related aspect would be the vintage pin-up posters effect - like the ones featured in the Fallout 3 game. I found on the internet a way to reproduce that in Photoshop, yet it's a complicated series of careful steps... anyone know of a publicly available image processing algorithm that could save me the work?

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To my non-artistic eyes, the movie effect you link to seems to just be a very low contrast ratio, perhaps accompanied by an increase in overall brightness.

*"very low contrast ratio"* is too strong, but low contrast and bright.

It's called bleach bypass, and an implementation can be found in HLSL here, on the NVIDIA Developer page.