After learning more about how monotouch works, I believe I know the answer to this anyway, but can you use the cocos2d-iphone framework with monotouch? I believe most likely this will be a 'no', because cocos2d is an an objective c library and there would most probably have to be some sort of .net port for this to be achieved? is that so?

I haven't done any monotouch dev as yet, but a little objective c development with cocos2d and am quite fond of the framework, and was hoping to avoid, as I'm quite new to game dev, steeping into the dark realm of straight opengl programming via the openTK interface supported by monotouch.

I have also started a community wiki here for people to share game development options on monotouch which should help us all with this emerging framework.


I don't have any experience with MonoTouch, but you might want to see if you can get Farseer Physics working with MonoTouch. Farseer is based on Box2D, which is also a component of Cocos2d.

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Cocos2D is being ported to MonoTouch:

Matt Greer