I'm new to Flex, although not new to programming. I want to write a generic event handler that will be called by all my textinput boxes when they receive focus. When they have focus, I want to change the colour of the textinput box. When they lose focus, I want to restore the "inactive" color profile. I could write an ActionScript event handler for each textinput box, but we all know that's lame. :o) What I need, then, is a way to access the object which is calling the event handler.

In Delphi, I'd have written a function which passes in the Sender object, allowing me to access the calling object's properties. I'm guessing ActionScript/Flex has a completely different architecture, which is why I'm having difficulty doing this.

Thanks in anticipation!

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I hope I'm understanding what you're asking for... are you talking about event delegation?

This worked for me:

// 'focusOut' for blur
stage.addEventListener('focusIn', function(e:Event):void {
    // The focused control is
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You should subclass TextInput and handle the focus events in there. I think this would be the simplest way to achieve what you are looking for without having any complex code.


If you want to change the look of the focused input box, you can do this by setting the focusSkin property. If you want this to happen globally, you can put a style declaration in your CSS file.

In this CSS example I'm replacing the default focusSkin (mx.skins.halo.HaloFocusRect) with an embedded PNG file.

TextInput {
  focusSkin: Embed(source="focus.png");

TextInput has a few properties for altering the look of the focus, like changing the opacity of the focus skin (focusAlpha property). Check the TextInput documentation for more info.

Niko Nyman