I want to use JOGL (for Clojure, not Java). There seems to be quite a combination of alternatives for JDKs and OpenGL bindings, and I don't want to use a scatter gun approach and clog up my machine installing too much cruft. Please help me get started!

  • What Ubuntu/Debian packages do I need to install? (starting with sun-java6-jdk, for example)
  • There don't seem to be JOGL packages, so what's the best way to install it? Should I build from CVS HEAD, or use pre-built jar files?

I'll be using Emacs as my IDE so I don't need to install Eclipse or anything, I just need to be able to build with ant or whatever.

Please feel free to revise your answer (building on others' answers) to provide a comprehensive how-to.

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Starting with Ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid), JOGL is already packaged (libjogl-java). The best JDK to chose should be openjdk-6-jdk as it is in main(=supported by Ubuntu's core team) since intrepid and derived from Sun's proprietary JDK6 anyway.

On intrepid, just running

sudo apt-get install -y ant openjdk-6-jdk libjogl-java

should get you started. On older versions, you must leave out libjogl-java, manually install all the dependencies (everything with a red circle) and build JOGL (download, unpack, ant).

I didn't realise JOGL was in 8.10. (I've been putting off upgrading because my system is stable). Thanks for your advice on manually installing.
Matt Curtis