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Audio while programming

I know it's not an actual code how-to question...I also know it varies from coder to coder, but... It would be useful for me to see what other people have to say about it.

So what have you all found to be the best for you? Hard Rock? Classical? Techno? Does it just depend on your mood? Perhaps even silence is better?

Personally, I still can't figure it out... sometimes I'm super productive with hard rock playing, but other times it's super annoying. I'm trying out classical right now.


I always listen to country. It is what I usually listen to so if I start getting frustrated there is a high probability that I know the song already and I can sing along in my head, calm down and get back to programming.

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Hard Rock or Metal is my preference. In saying that for the majority of the time while programming I couldn't tell you what I've been listening to.

I really use it as a mechanism to keep out the background noise so I can concentrate on what I am doing.

Interesting side effect is that people won't interrupt you as much when you are waring headphones...

That's a good point about headphones.

I can't code with interesting podcasts and songs with words sometimes slow me down. But typically once I get in a grove of coding it doesn't matter what the music is playing. When I do listen to music it is a mix of Rock, Metal, and Techno... the skip button gets used based on my mood.

Matthew Whited

I usually lean towards soundtracks or at least songs that I don't know the lyrics of :) I know myself, if I know the text I start shouting along pretty loudly and gone is the focus ;)


Pink Floyd's "The Wall" is one that I always code to. I never get tired of it.

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Instrumental music, without distracting rimes :)



Trip hop. No question. No words either.

Ideal: DJ Krush.

Need it streaming too. I like to remove all anticipation, all expectation. Just pour something from mixcloud or similar into my head all day, and I'm at my best.


Clapton, live, from 1965 - 1973. Because when i'm designing, I need be larger inside then when I'm coding.