What are people's opinions on the best tool for performance testing ASP.NET applications. Specifically we are looking for a tool that could potentially replay IIS logs to mimic production load. Something that hooks into perf counters would also be useful.


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Check out Red Gate's ANTS Profiler

Bryan Roth

I don't know about your specific needs but for code performance we use Ants Profiler which is very simple to use and gives valuable information using a simple interface.

You may want to investigate more about the features of this tool or the other tools offered by redgate, maybe they sell something that does exactly what you need.

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HP's LoadRunner is about as hefty of a tool as you would ever want.

  • It integrates log files and will do a comprehensive load test of your app.
  • It is great at looking at the perf counters to find bottlenecks.

We have been using the product since 2001.

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If I may, I would also like to add on to this question:

I am kind of expecting a big fat glorious "NO!" here, but are there any good open source/freeware tools for ASP.NET? £200 for someone who is a still studying is kinda steep for a tool I am not entirely sure of (and yes I know there is a trial). But I would be an idiot if I didn't try to find a financially viable alternative ^_^

Rob Cooper

dotTrace Profiler from JetBrains is good too.