I am eager to learn stuff about code, product ,efficiency ,etc.

"Software engineering" course actually, not the course that related to software.

Thanks for any information.

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MIT Open Courseware is a great place to start

Browse all these videos on YouTube here

Chris Ballance
This material is excellent, however from following your link I see that many of the software courses do not offer video lectures. (Though some do, e.g. "6.035 Computer Language Engineering".)
And I see there is one course called "18.098 / 6.099 Street-Fighting Mathematics"... :)
All the videos can be browsed from
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The University of Washington has all of its Colloquia available on-demand on the Internet. Many of them are about software-engineering, but they cover a wide range of Computer Science research topics.

They also have an HTML course.

This Blog has a lot of JavaScript, Java, C++, etc, courses.

Seriously, use the Google. There is a ton of stuff out there.

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As an aside, be careful what you're linking here. Software Engineering and Computer Science are very different disciplines. Software Engineering encompasses the software development lifecycle (including methodologies and process), modeling, communication, enterprise SE culture, etc. and is much, much less concerned with code, algorithms, efficiency, and the like.

I have to disagree somewhat. Software Engineering is a sub-discipline of Computer Science. One of the sub-areas of Software Engineering is Construction, which is all about code. Please refer to
I think you may end up offending a lot of professionals saying things like that. Software Engineering is not a sub-discipline, but rather a related discipline with some overlap. Construction is not a sub area of Software Engineering, it is one phase of certain SDLC process models. Not all SDLC's even encompass writing code. A big initiative in SE is to generate complete products from well-specified models. Viewing SE as a subset of CS is rather dated thinking. Recommend reading the SE BoK a bit more, as well as academic literature on current state of the SE field, and SE curriculums.
Those offended people must be livid at this guy: [code as design](
@JoshJordan, please name an SDLC that doesn't encompass writing code. I'd be very interested to see how it produces software. I probably don't need to read the SWEBOK a bit more or academic lit as I just got my MS in the subject. Your credentials?? Oh yeah, you're 24... write me back in about 10 years.
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you can learn very much at iTunesU.

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Stanford's Engineering Everywhere site has some stuff labeled computer science - and I get Josh's point about the difference between computer science and software engineering. However, some introductory stuff applies to both and this looks like it does. Admittedly, I've not viewed it myself.

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Google tech talks is another good source in addition to the ones already mentioned. Searching for some general software engineering topics is likely to get you some good videos.

Ryan Thames
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Stanford has some material (including an entire course on the iPhone) available on iTunes

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I'm sure you're probably just looking for free stuff, but Carnegie Mellon (probably the best place for Software Engineering) provides a distance learning Masters for Software Engineering where they send you DVD's. I'm lucky enough to have a university in area that offers a Masters in Software Engineering (George Mason U.), but I'm sure the CMU stuff is top notch. It is very pricey though...

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At Youtube/edu you can find loads of educational videos. For software engineering too...

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I usually search for the interested topic on

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I'd suggest taking a look at the videos at the ArsDigita University page Most of the courses there are more Computer Science than Software engineering, but a few of them might fall into that category:

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Also, have a Computer Science section, many of the lectures there are from Stanford or MIT though (whose resources are mentioned in other comments) and have links through to additional resources on the original site.

Academic Earth is an excellent source of educational video materials. Must see site.
Piotr Dobrogost
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It's also worth mentioning

Maxim Veksler
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Plenty of software engineering videos on and

Bedwyr Humphreys
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Surprised no one has mentioned the Berkeley webcasts, such as

Note that the webcast index only includes the current semester's courses, although a little Googling will turn up others.

Also, see What are your favorite CS video lectures?

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Here are two links to a number of free online lectures:

Programming Language Video Lectures

Free Computer Science Video Lecture Courses

Basically the whole Blog Free Science and Video Lectures Online is full of such videos.

Benedikt Eger

There's an eclectic collection of links to video material interesting to programmers here:


I found this link on Programming Paradigms the other day on Proggit

Programming Paradigms from Stanford

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Start with "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs", a 20 part video lecture from MIT with Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman.

Scott Hanselman

The introductory course for computer science at UNSW, COMP1917 by Richard Buckland are great, and the quality of the video is okay for YouTube.

Rob Kam

Have you tried MSDN Patterns and Practices (

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here are very good websites for online free video lectures

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You can find a great collection of academic lectures at

LectureFox is a valuable resource with a lot of videos: Also physics, chemistry and mathematics are topics covered by this website. includes more than 1700 lectures on computer science, very well organized in categories like Algorithmic Information Theory, Algorithms and Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Cryptography and Security, Databases, etc.


Software Engineering Radio is not a lecture, but a podcast about the topic.


Basic course

advanced courses are also present there.

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Berkeley also has put up some webcasts similar to to those from MIT Open Courseware. You can find them here:

Blake Arnold
A: is the best website I have ever visited for educational video lectures. They have more than 10,000 video lectures on various subjects. We can download the video lectures too. A site worth visiting..


Here is the link to computer science video lectures:


you can video leactures from here or u can browse this from youtube also.

Niraj Choubey

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