I have a blog on Wordpress in which I need to serve contents in several different languages. I don't want to translate the articles, I just want to have some in each of the languages and just have a way of switching between them. I was looking for a wordpress plugin that allows such functionality but so far I found only xLanguage but it's not what I intend to use if for, although it's pretty close.

What this plugin allows is to have a contents in the post that is localized for one specific language and it's not beign displayed in other languages. However it's main flaws are

  • you cannot translate post titles
  • if I define the post in just some of the languages my site supports the post will appear blank (I would like that it won't appear at all in this language)

Does anyone knows if there is a plugin that I could use or I should start thinking of developing one myself. As I mentioned I don't really need a translation functionalities, just the ability to mark the post to appear in only one selected language.

I guess I could also set up several instances of wordpress, each for every language but then I will need to replicate every configuration change in all the instances and that's something I would really like to avoid.


Actually I just noticed that I can hide untranslated messages by specifying a parameter in options but there is still one problem.

The rest of the page (links, other text generated by Wordpress) doesn't get translated while switching the page. So I have my contents translated by still see default langueage in navigation etc.

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Florian Jenn
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I have built several multilingual sites and I use the WPML plugin and have found it to be best option out there.