Hi there,

My cohorts and I at the Rockbox project have been reading with interest the announcement at the recent CES of the new SDXC standard for Secure Digital storage, but have been left a little mystified as to the technical differences between the SDHC standard and the new SDXC one.

As we understand it, there is no technical limitation within SDHC that prevents card sizes of greater than 32GB. The only limit is artificial (i.e. it's written down in the standard). The technical limit of SDHC is the same as that announced as the official limit for SDXC which is 2TB.

Does anyone know if SDXC is just an official ratification of SDHC beyond 32GB, or is it actually a completely different implementation?

We're keen to make sure our SD drivers can read and write to these new cards, but details on the standard are hard to find at the moment (without signing an NDA with the SD organisation at any rate, and we're not about to do that).

Thanks for any info!


From everything I've read (and no, I'm not privy to any NDA-covered info), it looks to be a incompatible on a HW-level.

Apparent Word of God says nothing else than "nya-nya, you need all new devices to use SDXC!". IMHO