What are the best anti-code sites that people have found? What I mean by "anti-code" is websites, books, blogs, etc. that describe or explain bad code with the tongue-in-cheek goal of showing us what we should not do. (I made up the phase anti-code for lack of a better term.)

These are the sites I'm familiar with:

I'm sure there are others? I'm not asking just to get laughs; I often find that seeing "just how far down the rabbit hole goes" is a better instructor and stronger argument for good development.


"just how far down the rabbit hole"

or don't you mean the litter box:

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Coding Horror has many posts on coding practices if you search there archives, and lots of examples of exactly what not to do.

One of my favorites

Andrew Jahn
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I find the Evil C page is always good for a horrified chuckle.

Josh Matthews
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Oops, I kind of forgot the grandfather of them all, the The International Obfuscated C Code Contest


There is a long list of anti-patterns on Wikipedia.

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Sandor Davidhazi
A: - Anti-patterns through architecture diagrams.

Fifth-System Effect